The Politically Correct Christmas: The PC-minded are weaklings


Merry Christmas everyone!  I mean, Happy Holidays!  Oh, wait -- holiday means “holy day.” We can’t say that either, lest the irreligious take offense. Is “Winter Greetings” safe or might that make summer-lovers distressed? How about “Seasons Greetings”? That’s an old standby that is probably innocuous enough.


I’m sure that like me, you find it ridiculous that store clerks, school teachers, and too many others, are afraid to wish anyone a Merry Christmas anymore. Perhaps you heard the news that two Ohio women were so distressed over the issue, they paid for 10 billboards to encourage people to say “Merry Christmas.”  Yes, it is getting bad in America, but in the UK political correctness is out of control.


Last Christmas, a student choir was required to change the lyrics of traditional Christmas songs, because administrators feared offending some Christmas concert attendees. Although Christmas is a holiday centered on the birth of the Christ, the choir had to alter any lyrics that actually mentioned the Nativity. For example they had to change “Little donkey, carry Mary safely on her way” to “Little donkey, carry Lucy safely on her way.”


This year, one vicar banned O Little Town of Bethlehem (how still we see thee lie), because he believed it might offend modern residents of the town, since they live under strife. The Twelve Days of Christmas was rewritten by another clergyman to include Aids victims, drug addicts and hoodies. "O come let us adore Him" has been changed to "O come in adoration," to reduce any appearance of sexism. In one church the lyrics "all in white" have been banned because they could appear racist. And one cleric eliminated the word "virgin" from God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen. He apparently didn’t want to risk offending the promiscuous.


Political correctness is insane, and frankly, it is robbing me of traditions treasured since childhood! 


I find it downright depressing when I drive through town and see fewer Christmas decorations every year -- all because business owners and city governments fear they might offend those who are emotionally weak.


You heard me right. At the very core of political correctness is weakness.


If you have never thought of this before, then consider that political correctness is based on the premise that people—certain people—need to be protected from harm. To identify who those certain people are, we need only determine who or what in nature needs protection. The answer is obvious—it is the weak that need protection. The strong certainly do not need it. Propriety teaches us that the strong, in fact, are expected to be sensitive to the vulnerabilities of the weak and protect them.


There you have it. At the root of political correctness is the assumption that some people are emotionally and socially weak, and, therefore, uniquely vulnerable to getting their feelings hurt. Liberals expect the strong to be sensitive to the emotional vulnerabilities of the weak, lest they suffer hurt feelings beyond their ability to bear.


It is a wonder to me that no one in a “protected group” has complained of being insulted by politically correct protection. Who in these protected groups would want to be thought of as weak or vulnerable? How demeaning! That, however, is exactly what political correctness is based upon. It says certain people lack the emotional resilience to handle another person’s words or opinions. Sticks and stones may break their bones, but apparently words will kill them.


The PC police strive to shield the weak from hurt feelings by placing restrictions on the strong. But is that wise?


Don’t we learn from nature that it is best to strengthen the weak rather than shield them forever? An athlete grows stronger and better prepared for challenges by constantly facing them. Our bodies only develop antibodies to disease by encountering germs. Calluses only form to protect our soft tissue because of constant abrasion. Are we not harming the “vulnerable” in our society—weakening their immune systems, you might say—by merely sheltering them from influences that can make them grow? Isn’t it obvious that the protectiveness of political correctness makes the weak weaker and preoccupies a culture with its wounds?


Those who own political correctness -- liberals -- are weak and lack emotional resilience. This is because when they were young, their parents obviously came to the rescue whenever another child upset them, and they were defended from anyone in authority who tried to hold them accountable. Instead of growing up emotionally resilient and socially strong, they grew up with a huge chip on their shoulder, hypersensitive to any perceived offenses.


So, is it best to protect the weak or strengthen them? Let’s help them grow strong. This December, join me in taking every opportunity to publicly wish someone Merry Christmas. Who knows, maybe they’re like you, but just need permission to say what’s on their heart.




(Excerpted in part from Chapter Nine of Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue America from Moral Decline - One Family at a Time)


Bestselling Author Reb Bradley is not a political expert; he is a parenting specialist. As a counselor, Reb has diagnosed and helped thousands of parents transform their lives and those of their children. In 1998 Reb took note of the disintegrating moral fiber of our nation and decided to apply his diagnostic skills to find a cure for what ails our society. In his book Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue America from Moral Decline - One Family at a Time, Reb reveals how American society has grown out of control, because its members were not taught self-control as children. In fact, in his research he discovered that a liberal worldview is a direct outgrowth of various parenting styles. Go here to see Reb on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends.