Listen to what people are saying about Reb's new book:

“You want answers about getting America back on track? This book has them....It's a clear diagnosis of the problem and a legible, credible prescription for the cure....I learned plenty reading this book. It was an eye-opener...I put this book right up there with the most important works of which I have ever been a part. I cannot recommend "`Born Liberal, Raised Right’ highly enough.”

Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of WND


“This important book provides the foundation for understanding the cause of our country's problems, including the financial crisis of 2008.”

Alaska State Senator Joseph Orsini, Ph.D.


"I have known Reb Bradley for years and have always been amazed by his astute analysis of culture and human behavior. He has a rare gift of wisdom and a knack for communicating complex concepts in simple-to-understand terms. “Born Liberal Raised Right” is sure to be a classic."

Barbara Alby, California State Legislator, 1993-1998



"Reb Bradley brilliantly takes us out of what C.S. Lewis called our slavery to the immediate past and gives the whole nation the long term strategy of victory of good over evil, free enterprise over socialism, and all the other urgent battles we face.  Whoever trains the children of the coming generation, controls the future.  If we are ready to listen, Born Liberal-Raised Right can be our blueprint to save our nation's future."

Dr. Marshall Foster, Founder and President of the Mayflower Institute


If you are trying to make sense of the current volatile political scene, then Reb Bradley’s book is a must read.  Well-known in the evangelical Christian community for his books about parenting, marriage, and homeschooling, in these pages Reb examines politically correct child rearing and modern political philosophies, and with clarity, shows how they have contributed to our current cultural decline and will negatively impact future generations.

Timely and challenging, Reb takes the reader into the depths of American socio-political trends. I was captivated as Reb unraveled, thread-by-thread, why our culture is in such decline. He doesn't just clarify this disturbing trend and leave us there -- he also outlines how parents and government can make changes and reverse course.
Frank R. Stephens, Government and Legislative Affairs Director for A.C.T. Association of California

Listen to what people are saying about Reb:


"We at Rhino Technologies have followed Reb Bradley's speaking for several years through our recording work at conventions. It is clear that he has touched and helped literally THOUSANDS of families with his messages of encouragement, openness, honesty, and grace.  With his gift of writing and speaking, he has been able to put into words what so many in our culture feel today about making a difference with their own families.  Reb tells it straight, and we know the impact, because we have talked to thousands of those who have purchased his CDs and tapes, and taken to heart his messages." 
Mark Reinhardt, Executive Director, Rhino Technologies


 “I've seen families significantly transformed by following Reb Bradley's practical approach to parenting. If you want to reclaim peace in your home -- or even experience it for the first time -- get your hands on his materials. It's not too late to change your relationship with your children -- and make them the leaders of tomorrow that our country so desperately needs!”

Nanette Woitas Holt, president of Image Ink publishing